New Social Distancing Hotel Measures at Summergrove Halls

In these difficult times, the importance of staying safe and healthy cannot be understated. Here at Summergrove Halls, we have always aimed to provide high-quality accommodation. Now, you can rest assured that this quality extends to all our new remote distancing hotel procedures. After all, we aim to ensure that your stay with us is as safe and as pleasant as possible, whether it’s an overnight stop or a longer visit. As such, you’ll be able to enjoy your stay at Summergrove Halls without worry.

Our New Social Distancing Hotel Measures

We have taken a wide range of steps to ensure that the health and safety of our guests is paramount. Our new remote distancing hotel procedures help to keep social contact to a minimum, ensure extremely rigorous standards of sanitation and hygiene, and all without compromising on our quality of service.

For example, besides a deep and thorough cleaning, all our rooms must now undergo a 72-hour period of decommission between visits. Disinfection has, of course, become a major priority too. As such, our staff make sure to keep all public spaces and kitchen areas cleaned and disinfected regularly. Plus, we provide hand cleansing wipes and sanitiser spray for all our guests. While our gym remains open, we only provide access by arrangement, and ensure that it receives a thorough clean after every use.

Of course, food is an area of particular concern. As a result, we  have been especially careful to keep all food preparation as clean as possible. Our safety measures start with simple steps, like keeping our restaurant tables wide apart so as to abide by social isolation rules. We then also provide packed lunch and takeaway services with staggered collection. These ensure that our guests don’t come into any unnecessary contact. Furthermore, we can provide self-catering kitchens for guests who would rather prepare their own meals. We restrict access to these kitchen areas carefully, and can assign them to workgroups if need be.

For more information about our remote distancing hotel measures, please see our COVID-19 Statement. Rest assured that we always keep this statement up-to-date with the latest information. We will also update it to include any new changes or steps that we put into place. Of course, the remote distancing measures which we are taking here at Summergrove Halls follow all the government’s guidance for accommodation providers. You can find the full details of that official guidance here.